#1 Reel Rush

About the game


Reel Rush is an adrenaline-pumping game full of mysteries and surprises by the well-known software provider NetEnt. It should be considered as one of your favourites as it’s one of the highest paying slot games. And isn’t that the ultimate goal? to earn as many big cash prizes as possible. Nostalgia will be sure to hit when you play this slot game. It brings the 90’s vibes with its soundtracks, visuals and 3D graphics. Players that love the dated and traditional slot games will love Reel Rush. The bright fruit candy/ symbols will take you back in time and keep things simple like the original well-known and loved slot games.

The slot game is designed beautifully with incredible graphics and animations bursting with colour. The theme is based around candy, because who doesn’t love candy? You will find your favourite fruits and bonbons in the reels and background design of the game. The vibrant colour of sweets and colours will be visually pleasing and attractive. Furthermore, the slot is clearly inspired by the good, old classic computer games but it has twisted them with its modern touch. Indubitably the developer’s thematic creativity has given its fruits and has contributed to the game’s overall success and popularity.


You can win a whopping maximum prize fund of £96,000! And there’s an astonishing 3125 ways to win in total. Reel Rush has an RTP of 97% with 5 reels. It has a bet level of 10, with a minimum bet of 20p and a maximum bet of £100. This slot game is fulfilling, with so many bonuses to win along the way, such as Free Spin Rounds! And with your free spins, you can win many fruitful rewards.

Look out for the highest paying symbols: the pineapple, watermelon and strawberry. There is also a Wild symbol which can substitute for all other game symbols. Therefore there are many opportunities to find winning combinations when you get the wild.

Play for free

Reel Rush does not require players to put any money at stake. It offers demo mode play as NetEnt understand some players rather play for fun and entertainment. So, get familiar with Reel Rush risk-free before playing with your own money. And once you have perfected your skills and gameplay, you can play for some real cash prizes!

The Verdict

There’s a great chance to win big on Reel rush. It is a classic, charismatic and captivating slot. Despite it being a fairly simple and easy slot game to play, it’s still appealing to all types of players. The energetic theme and straightforward rules make it enjoyable by veterans and new players. The popularity of Reel Rush has grown rapidly since it was released. It is now recognised worldwide as in the top 10 best slot games. And after reviewing it, we can completely agree. Also, although it’s a traditional classic slot game, it does present us with a slightly modern touch with the design and therefore appeals to all generations of slot players. It’s very evident that NetEnt has put so much effort into ensuring Reel Rush runs smoothly and efficiently. And it’s full of substantial awards.

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